23 September 2014

4 Reasons Why Custom Packaging is Important for Marketing

First impressions are everything. You wouldn’t go to a job interview looking scruffy, so why wouldn’t you want your product to look its best?

The quality and performance of your goods are important too, but it’s the appearance of your packaging that grabs the attention of the consumer.

What’s more, if you’re launching your product, what better way to poach customers from your competitors than packaging your product in something truly unique? Don’t just take our word for it. According to a MVW Packaging Matters Survey of consumers:

“64% have tried something new because the packaging caught their eye on the retail shelf”

So whether you’re launching a new product or thinking of a re-brand, custom packaging can have a huge impact upon the success of your business.

Here are four reasons why custom packaging is important for the marketing of your product.

Reason 1: We're drawn to what looks good

By design, humans are drawn to what looks good. As we hurriedly pace the supermarket aisles, a product only has a two second window to grab our attention. That’s why your product needs to stand out on the shelves.

But many brands are put off creating stylish packaging for their product because they think it’s too expensive. However, as previously mentioned, consumers have been known to choose a different, more expensive brand because the packaging caught there eye. Therefore extra budget for packaging will be more than made up for with extra sales.

Think of custom packaging as an investment: If you can create a stylish, unique package that balances design, form and function you’ll be stopping more shoppers in their tracks.

Reason 2: Brand association and customer loyalty

What do you do when you’re confronted with shelves stacked with baked beans? You look for a brand that you recognise.

Good branding equates to good design and your product’s packaging needs to maintain a strong sense of brand identity if you want to start building a loyal fan base of consumers who scan the shelves for your awesome product.

Reason 3: Practicality and durability create positive customer experiences

Consumers are busy people. For this reason, your packaging should enable customers to grab your product and go. Clear and concise labelling should also quickly convey the key information about your product to ease the purchase making decision.

Whilst the practicality of handling your product is a great concern, packaging satisfaction shouldn’t end at the store. Packaging should withstand durability for as long as the product is in use. This is particularly important for food products. For example, if a cereal box deteriorates throughout usage, this will create a bad customer experience and it’s unlikely they’ll buy your product again.

The important message is that your brand needs to see beyond in-store shelf appeal and look at longevity, protection, storage, dispensing and ultimately (ethical) disposal.

Reason 4: Product differentiation

Packaging ultimately functions as self-serving marketing; with labels commonly display key benefits of your product. However, the most successful brands apply elements of graphic design and communication to the label to make their product benefits sound more appealing than a competitor.

Product differentiation is essential for a brand looking to break into the market. So if you can label your product with style, honesty and unique benefits, you’ll be making an impact. Try to establish why your product differs in terms of taste, health benefits, allergy suitability or even ethical sourcing – these are all core concerns for today’s consumer.

Bespoke packaging shouldn’t be a question of if you can afford it. Your product needs to look stylish if you want to make sales. Get in touch with a member of our team if you have a packaging idea you want to discuss.