22 October 2014

Bespoke Packaging For Thom Yorke's New Vinyl Album

As big fans of Radiohead and Thom Yorke’s solo music, we were super excited to work on the packaging for Thom’s forthcoming release “Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes”. And we’re really impressed with the final product.

Project Packaging had specific input for the static bag outer packaging, which was produced for the latest album. The static bag contained 180g 12" white vinyl in printed sleeves & download card.

The custom bags are printed with a metallic silver laminate then printed again using a multi-tone black and a contrasting neon green. The whole product is enclosed in a bespoke anti-static shield bag - a metallised laminated material used specifically by the electronics industry for protecting components from electrostatic interference. The bag is printed with neon green on both sides, and has a resalable grip closure.

If you’re interested in putting together some bespoke packaging for your next release, please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your ideas.