11 June 2014

Custom Packaging for Park Village Ltd: Gold Lacquered Stock Tins

These stock tins where manufactured for a London based production company who wanted to produce a low run of tins, but at a cost effective price.

Park Village Ltd originally wanted the tins to be embossed or printed, but as we had a short amount of time to deliver the tins we came up with a solution for the tins to have a 1 colour clear sticker to be applied to the lid, which works very well as an alternative solution.

Our minimum order for stock tins is 50 x units. The stock tins can be embossed and / or printed to the lid area only. If you would like the tins printed on a larger area (i.e. body of tin) we can look into a bespoke tin which has a minimum of 3000+  units, and a 12 - 14 week lead time.

If you’re looking to realise a similar project or require a custom packaging solution, why not get in touch with us today to discuss your ideas.